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     Welcome to Our World Of Schnauzers
   Jayne and Mark have bred dogs for over 30 years. Their first passion was Poodles.

23 years ago they bought their first miniature schnauzer and 17 years ago bought their first Giant schnauzer "Foxwood Maid n Voyage" affectionatly known as ( Asta )
Asta  became a well respected member of the family and took on the responsibility of becoming the foundation bitch.  
From Asta,   Rio " Barnsdale Voyage Continues" was born and the line continued with "Barnsdale Designer Made by Foxwood" and our girl "Hyda"  Barnsdale Line Dancer

Our Latest recruit, Philoma Pay Back time For Barnsdale  (PATRICK)  has joined us from Philoma  (Kevin an Sandie Cullen)



 Partick has become a formidable challenger throughot the giant show world gaining the accolade of CHAMPION during 2016

CH Philoma Payback Time For Barnsdale SHCM  

Hannah's passion for Miniaure schnauzers has lead her to show  Phoebe  "Acasia Time to go to  Barnsdale"  and her daughter  Barnsdale Tickle Mi Fancy ( Nancy) and her daughter
Barnsdale Masterpiece (Eva)
Owned by Mr & Mrs Oates  















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